I am a sculptor, carving images in stone and wood. All the sculptures are unique, small scale and hand-carved by me.
I hope you enjoy studying the sculpture.

It is important to understand that, although photos of sculptures can be arresting and powerful, they are 2-dimensional images in their own right. They are a guide to what the works are like but they are not the sculptures. I imagine and make the works in 3-dimensional space and to appreciate them as sculpture you have to see them in the round.. As someone said of them at an exhibition 'You can take photos of the different views but it's not the same as walking round the sculptures.' You can see them at the exhibitions listed on this site and social media.

The images are abstract or semi-abstract and grow in my imagination and under my hands from my experience of the poetic nature of the physical world and a love of shape, the natural materials that I use and the processes of working with them. Often, people find their own meanings in abstract works of art but each photo carries a brief description of the ideas behind my development of the image..

In my workshop with the marble carving 'Blue' in progress
In my workshop with the marble carving 'Blue' in progress